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01-28-2003, 07:38 PM
Ever went went on behind the scenes of who's the boss? the real life judith and tony? I often wonder how it was being romantically involved in a tv show for 8 years ? It sounds like someone could really go into that topic? what do you all think?

01-29-2003, 02:34 AM
Well, we all have heard "rumors" or "truths" about arugements with Tony and the production team, maybe along the crew as well, but since we've talked a lot about THIS in the past. . .

I wonder too, and much more about the "bond" that judith and tony must have created behind the scenes. Judith is very emotional when she talks about tony. I can only remember one good interview where tony really talks about how great he thinks she is, and that was in the Lifetime: Intimite Protrait of Judith Life and talked about how he reminded her of the woman from a star trek movie, how she hovers over everyone so she gets the shot or **** instead of them.

It must have been wonderful going to work and having a great "working energy" surrounding you. Tony was the star, but he needed Judith to back him up on it, and becuase of their friendship i believe OFF the camera, they pulled together to put that ON the camera. I believe that really, if you can't get along wtih our co-workers in that type of career field, how can you do your best with your character, and do the best job you can?

But also it seems that Both Judith AND Tony had outside supporters for their work, not just each other. Judith talks about what a big inspiration her husband Robert is, and Tony talks about his wife Tracy and children and how they support him in whatever he does. So putting that all together, they come out with a great product!

01-29-2003, 09:43 AM
Originally posted by taxifan@Jan 29 2003, 06:34 PM
I believe that really, if you can't get along wtih our co-workers in that type of career field, how can you do your best with your character, and do the best job you can?

well in xfiles, gillian anderson and david duchovny didnt get along so much, i believe that once chris carter (the creater) suggested they get counselling

and on charmed, shannon doherty and alyssa didnt get along, but they pulled it off

i juz think that if theyre good enough actors/actresses, off camera shouldnt be an issue

of course it would make time and work go alot easier if co-workers were friends and could laugh and talk during scenes and bloopers

01-29-2003, 02:28 PM
As for the "charmed example", shannon dorothy didn't get along wtih 90210 either so lol that doesn't say much. .

Getting along for the show example. .

Andy kaufman, the tv show TAXI, didin't get along wtih the cast and crew so much (then others did supposidly reported after it went off the air) and he was a good comedian, and hated everyone and did't want anything to do with that tv show, but everyone played off him like it was nothing! <_<

02-01-2003, 09:00 PM
We've had this topic loads of times, and there are always people who say Tony and Judith were mature adults and were both married so no, they felt no attraction, but I still think that maybe, secretly, they kind of did... I mean, I would think it would be inevitable! This might be because I'm 15 and, er, not married, but I'm not saying they made it known or even showed any signs, and I'm not saying they secretely dated, and I'm not saying they would EVER leave their husband/wife or anything, but being in such close quarters 24/7 with an attractive member of the opposite sex... wouldn't they've liked each other just a little? Or not. Heehee.

02-02-2003, 02:39 AM

LOL, i'm laughing at at your "hehe's" :D you know, sometimes we think about "what if" when we are around men/women at work or at school, and sometiems there are the little crushes and/or find them attractive, but then again they aren't really who you "want to be with" and end up being friends or just acquatinces. And it doens' have to be that they or you are involved or married, there just isn't that "thing!".

You can always be attracted to people that you wouldn't see yourself with in a million years! And there is always the guy that is "nice and sweet but really not your type!"

I guess that is my only explanation for you. . .love works funny SO it's hard to explain, ? LOL :P :D

02-03-2003, 04:07 PM
i know this isn't a popular stand but i do think they had warm feeling for each other. tony was not involved with his wife yet although he may have been seeing someone else. but that doesn't keep a person from having potential feelings for another person. and i know also that judith was already involved with robert but was not yet married to him.
its obvious from interviews that they both liked each other immediately and formed a strong bond---not over many seasons, almost right away from what i understand. and then there was judith's interview where she wondered what might have been if they were both free.
there's nothing wrong with her thinking that or with tony finding her attractive and having his mind wander down 'what if' lane too. the fact that they were both respectful of their situation and so i would guess, never acted on those thoughts, doesn't mean the potential wasn't there for them if things had been different.
i think their bond grew even stronger over the years and grew more and more platonic. based on interviews they each gave its my opinion they loved each other, and maybe still do, in that platonic friendship way.
this isn't wishful thinking, i just really believe all evidence points to this. people who do work so closely for long time periods have formed that kind of friendship before and we've all heard of real romances growing between actors working together in tv and movies. lots of soap actors have formed relationships or married co workers.
and who wouldn't work with either one of them and fall a little bit in love? :P

02-03-2003, 05:00 PM
I agree, I don't think that Tony and Judith had a relationship at all (obviously), but there is always that "what if..." They certainly bonded well and got along amazingly though, and it is kind of fun to think about, but we all know that there was nothing really going on...

02-03-2003, 07:21 PM
LOL, taxifan, I'm sort of a "heehee" person.

02-03-2003, 07:44 PM
Agreeably,Tony and Judith had avery strong friendhsip and connection that goes deeper than most co-workers,no matter what business they're in.It probably had to do with the fact that they played characters who were in love,but platonic for so long.I'm sure they had very deep feelings for eachother that probably went as far as comfort and security,love and need-but perhaps not as far as lust. Although,you can point out that both of them DID marry someone not too far away from the other.

I think Tony and Judith were very close friends,but not friends like with the person you marry.On the show,they were better friends than most married couple,but I'm not sure that was the case in real life.Not that it couldn't be,don't get me wrong. But as an actor,I'm sure they both needed to know that their spouce knew more about them than the average"Joe" sitting watching them on Primetime,or even their fellow co-workers. To me,it'd have to be like this:My spouce wouldn't feel that there wasn't enough of"me" left in me for him that I haven't already exposed on televison.Wait a minute,that didn't come out the way I had intended.Ok,what I mean is that he would know more about me,be more connected to me than anyone else who watched me on television. Because, an actors life is putting him/herself out there and being someone else everyday for other people's enjoyment,and of course their own.It's a very "outgoing" career.So,I would have to say that both Tony and Judith probably needed to feel that with such a "showy,expressive"job,that their spouce still felt like they were devoted tothem.This is what probably keeps alot of actors platonic with their co-workers.It's just a thought.Does it make any sense?

Anyway,Tony and Judith had amazing chemistry on and off screen,regardless of whether or not they ever had feelings deeper than friendship.