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Unread 10-07-2009, 05:41 PM   #71
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Hi LePatron! Nice to see you

It's not who you are to the world, it's who you are to me. It's not how many times I say I love you... it's how much I really do.
-Mary Ann
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Unread 04-04-2012, 03:34 PM   #72
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Originally Posted by madewy View Post
This has been mentioned before and the consensus then, in loyal fans efforts to make all things fit, is that there are therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric consultants, analysts......,etc.

It is possible, strictly speaking, Angela may have started out with a family social worker as a kid, moved on to a psychologist a little later and finally graduated to a psychiatrist.

I was watching this episode the other day, and it reminded me of this old discussion about the inconsistences about Angela's work with mental health experts. I wonder if the reason she says "I don't usually do things like this" (or something close to that) is that although Angela may have spent a fair amount of time with shrinks or the like for various reasons through her childhood and professional career, she had never felt the need to talk about her love for someone else with anyone else? Maybe she was really in love for the first time in her life, and it scared her enough to talk to someone about it?

Just some random thoughts in my day.
"If there is a horizontal line that runs from the map off your body straight through the land shooting up right through my heart; Will this horizontal line, when asked know how to find where you end, where I begin?"
--Your Cloud by Tori Amos
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Unread 07-04-2014, 10:39 AM   #73
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"Sleep Talk, Sweet Talk" and "The Anniversary Show"

OK, I thought I would restart this thread, because there is something which always bugged me in "Sleep Talk Sweet Talk", and I did not find any mention of it in any threads of this forum. So either I missed something, or I may have found a major inconsistency in this episode... We'll see what you all think

So, here is my problem... At the end of "Sleep Talk Sweet Talk", when Tony comes into the bar to pick up Angela and she tells him she is ashamed of what she said in her sleep, he immediately reassures her:
T: "You didn't do anything that I haven't done. Remember when they took my appendix out and I was under anesthesia, I said pretty much close to what you said"
A: "You said exactly what I said"

OK, so here we go... Since when Tony is supposed to remember what he said when they took his appendix out???.. I mean, we all knew that he knew what he said because the nurse told him... But to my knowlegde, he never told Angela that he knew what he said. Remember, at the end of "The Anniversary Show", the only thing he says to Angela about what he remembers saying is "Ouutchh".

SO... why isn't Angela more surprised when he mentions it at the end of "Sleep Talk"? I would have been Angela, I would have jumped on this ! "Wait a minute! How do you remember ?!"

Which makes me think... The way I always understood the end of "Anniversary Show" is maybe wrong.... Is it obvious for both of them when they exchange their long look (one of the longest of the entire series by the way ) that they both know what happened but none of them is ready to talk about it? I always thought Angela did not know that Tony knew... OK... that's a lot of know, knew, known, hope you can still understand me

Any thoughts from you guys?
From "Tony and Angela get divorced"

ANGELA: "Mother, Mother...Come, come here... Would you do us a favor? Would you please tell this lady that Tony and I are not married?"

MONA (smiling, talking to the IRS agent): "Well, let's examine the facts. They've been together a long time, they squabble like a couple, and they never have sex. Sounds married to me!"
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Unread 07-05-2014, 11:49 PM   #74
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I think she knew. Or at least was pretty sure he knew what he said. I think she could tell by the look on his face that he knew what he said, and he knew that she knew, but they sort of silently agreed that they weren't going to go there right then. I think that whole conversation between them ("I said...Oouuuch") was their way of agreeing that they weren't going to broach that subject right then. And I think both of them were second guessing that decision when she came back to the doorway and when he opened his eyes and looked toward the door at the end there, but they just didn't second guess at the same time (that would be fate. ) So when it came up again in STST they were being honest and acknowledging something that happened that they couldn't ignore, and it was easy to just bring that other occurrence along for the ride, since it would help the situation and since they both knew what had happened anyway. That's my opinion on it. And there actually is a discussion somewhere, if you want me to dig it up, I'll see if I can find it.

It's not who you are to the world, it's who you are to me. It's not how many times I say I love you... it's how much I really do.
-Mary Ann
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