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Unread 05-15-2007, 01:22 AM   #1
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I Thought Of WTB? When...

I thought it would be kind of fun to have a thread dedicated to everyday things/events that may remind us of Who's The Boss?, any of the actors, or perhaps a person on this board. I know that I run across things every so often that send my mind on a WTB? trip (it's only embarrassing when I'm zoned out in the middle of a conversation... how do you get out of that one? You know, our discussion on the Peloponnesian War, totally side tracked me to daydreaming about Tony and Angela swatting mosquitoes in a hotel room... You lose so many friends... and jobs by being a goober!)

So, when's the last time you thought WTB? and why?

My most recent thought... I was typing a report for a doctor at work today, the patient's last name was Bower. I immediately zoned to Angela Bower (I may have even typed Angela as the patient's first name at one point... see what I'm talking about... and you thought I was kidding about being goobery and losing jobs!) I'm telling you... had Drucilda Bower's mother wanted to name her daughter, Angela, she would have.
Whitney with a "W"

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Unread 05-15-2007, 10:13 AM   #2
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I was taking a report from a guy... and asked him to spell his name like I always do. His name was Geoffrey - with a "G". Had to ask...but had the devil of a time keeping that professional response!!!
Mona: Angela, when was the last time you told Tony how you feel about him?

Angela: I don't have to tell him. He knows.

Mona: Wrong. You do have to tell him. And then you have to show him. And after that, you have to tell him what you just showed him. C'mon, let's face it dear. Men are stupid.
-From "Road to Washington II"
Everyone needs a Brooklyn Sailor to love...
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Unread 05-15-2007, 11:13 AM   #3
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Well, it's finals time here in Florida...most kids are out of school at the end of this week or early next week so we have been busy teaching time management and test taking skills. I kid you not...today's lesson in the test taking skills section is entitled "The perils of the all-nighter."

And I have to share this with you...
The subtitle is "The first all-nighter is a good lesson in bad management."
It goes on to say "All-nighters can serve as a wake-up call and often after the first 'all-nighter' students begin to understand that unscheduled time is not uncommitted."

Well that's for sure, eh?

I'm glad I'm not the one who has to teach that lesson today or I might have either erupted into fits of giggles or burst into fits of tears...

It's not who you are to the world, it's who you are to me. It's not how many times I say I love you... it's how much I really do.
-Mary Ann

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Unread 05-15-2007, 09:55 PM   #4
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Everytime I cook w/eggs I channel Angela .
Love knows no distance <3
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Unread 05-15-2007, 11:46 PM   #5
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I have WTB? moments almost every day, but since I didn't have one today (at least I don't recall it at the moment if I did), I've been laughing my head off at your examples. Elmeister, I can picture you trying to keep a straight face in front of "G"eoffrey. I never hear that name any more without asking the question in my mind, "Is it Jeffrey with a J, or Geoffrey with a G?" Anneli, I can also picture you nearly cracking up, or at least wanting to, as you read your test outline that started out talking about "...the all-nighter!"

Let me just mention that when I was with Madewy and Anneli in Florida a few weeks ago, we had quite a few good laughs by quoting WTB? Remember in my post about my trip I told you that Anneli and I sat on the balcony at my condo and talked about WTB? What I didn't tell you was that one of my first comments as we were watching the night lights reflect on the water below was, "It's as if the lights are shimmering just for us!" I may not have the quote exactly right, but Anneli "got it" and we laughed a lot before the evening was over. Madewy and I had several similar WTB? experiences. I hope her memory is better than mine because none of those are coming to mind at the moment. I just remember having a lot of good laughs whenever one of us quoted the show.

I have a feeling this topic will go on for a while. There's nothing like having a good chuckle during the day when we have a WTB? moment, unless it's getting to come here and tell everyone else about it so we can all laugh together!
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Unread 05-16-2007, 01:10 AM   #6
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Now that's what I be talking about!

Elmeister... too funny! I always crack up when I see the Geoffrey with a "G" name, and swear on my Aunt Gertrude (rest her soul) that I will not name any of my possible children Geoffrey. I mean, it's a fine name... but to me, it constitutes "geek with earmuffs"!

Anneli... Oh mannnn... I seriously would have called in sick. I don't know how you could have got through that lesson with emotions intact. Why didn't Tony get that lesson in one of his college courses... I'm thinking this line especially, would have done him a world of good... "All-nighters can serve as a wake-up call and often after the first 'all-nighter' students begin to understand that unscheduled time is not uncommitted."

sitcomgirl... Angela does have a strong connection with egg products in my mind too.

ReJoys... I'll look forward to you remembering your WTB? memories. I'm sure they were a riot.

I used a waterpik this morning and had morbid thoughts of Jonathan giving his gerbil (was that what it was... some creepy, crawly rodent thing) a shower.
Whitney with a "W"
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Unread 05-16-2007, 08:15 AM   #7
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There have been 2 recent times that I've thought of WTB? The first is this book I just finished reading. One of the characters was named Angela Marcelli . The second was from Mama's Family. Bubba (yes that is his name ) who was in college had to pull an all nighter with a fellow classmate a girl named: TONI!!!
They may not have been married on the show.But, they are married in our hearts.
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Unread 05-17-2007, 12:40 AM   #8
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Like others here, something reminds me of WTB? everyday...mostly when I'm chatting with my husband at home. I have to interrupt our conversation to relay the WTB? moment or memory or why it reminds me of what ever it is we're talking about. Usually he just glazes over but smiles politely. Occasionally he even laughs.

There was one time though I had to explain to the whole family why I was laughing so hard at my grandson who was about ten or eleven at the time. He'd decided to demonstrate how he could put his right fist beneath his left under arm and make this awful sound. He was so proud of himself. His parents were annoyed and I couldn't stop laughing thinking of Tony and Angela.

Rejoys: "Madewy and I had several similar WTB? experiences. I hope her memory is better than mine because none of those are coming to mind at the moment. I just remember having a lot of good laughs whenever one of us quoted the show."

True enough Rejoys and I do remember at one point, while touring the area in my car, you said something WTB? related that made us each look at the other and really get hysterical. I just can't remember exactly what it was. (There's a lot of that going around here lately! )
"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're still here we may as well dance." Andy Rooney
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Unread 05-17-2007, 10:43 PM   #9
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I thought about WTB? very recently, and scared my husband with the fanatical workings of my brain. We went to see Spider-man 3 -- a rare night out for us without our 15-month-old son. Anyway, at one point, Mary Jane walks out of a Broadway theater, and across the street you can see the marquis for The Producers, which of course made me think of seeing Tony there in February, which led to WTB?.

I also realized that the theater they shot the scene in is where Les Mis is performed. Too cool.

BTW -- the movie was really good!
TONY: Angela, I mean you may not have noticed, but I wasn’t exactly having a ball this weekend. I mean, and it bothered me that you were without me!

ANGELA: But Tony, the best times of my life are with you.
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Unread 05-18-2007, 12:52 PM   #10
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Those are all hilarious, especially Anneli's!

My great-grandpa is Grandpa Macelli (it's pronounced the same). I never met him, so when my mom mentions her Grandpa Macelli, it always conjures a mental picture of Tony all old and cute and happy as can be covered in grandchildren, with Angela by his side of course!
I'm a freak!

I can't think of other instances at the moment, but I know I've had more...
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